ACSILabs helps companies improve their performance among their competitors, or we “fix” failing companies with custom designed emulations of our clients’ companies in the context of simulated economies. These allow companies to “rehearse” the probable future facing their companies. The idea is to win the war before it is fought. In general, rehearsing the strategy before going live with it reveals its flaws and allows the company to refine its real-life approach for success.

For our clients, Rehearsals are two-day exercises in which members of an organization run their company in compressed time using a strategy for success they believe will work in the current market. In many cases we built actual physical models of the company, which emulated their actual enterprise technologies, worldwide distribution and economy. Our rehearsals have delivered over $17 Billion on value to our customers. More recently, we are building rehearsals in virtual worlds that are proving to be just as powerful. See detail under FutureView ™ Virtual World Platform.

There are four critical components to the “rehearsals”.


  1. Time compression
  2. A rich unfolding future with many challenges to be overcome
  3. A non-negotiable goal
  4. A rich history as a starting point that is similar to the participants’ past experience.


In our Rehearsals, we found that compressing time and providing instant feedback could result in five to ten years’ worth of expertise in a few short days. As long as the emulated company resembled the “real” company in a reality-analogous way, (from the point of the view of the participants and their experience), the transfer back to the real workplace was immediate and profound. All of our clients achieved the same benefits in real life as they did on the last round of Rehearsal. 

In our early days as a company, all our Rehearsals were designed by a highly skilled team of specialists. This was very time consuming and is not scalable. Therefore, we have developed innovative enabling technologies – The FutureView™ Suite – that make it possible to design new rehearsals very quickly by professionals with less experience. The focus of our current work is refining and increasing the power of these innovations to support our scalable business goals.

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