FUTUREVIEW™ Dynamic Strategic Modeling Tool

FutureView™ Modeling is a way of automating the processes experts use to determine the best financial strategy for rebuilding the value of the business and achieving management’s goals. Its value is in determining the best path for the company’s future in a market facing manner. It has proven itself countless times to have nearly flawless predictive validity.


When applied to specific products or client applications, it is used to determine the “non-negotiable” financial goals of an organization during a virtual world rehearsal and all the financial metrics on the inworld dashboards that the team uses to track their progress. 

Team rehearsing inworld
Team rehearsing inworld
Inworld dashboard with feedback
Inworld dashboard with feedback

How does it work?

FutureView™ Modeling works by automating the analytic processes of highly skilled strategists. First it places a particular organization in the context of its competitors and market space by gathering data on a client’s company and its competitors and building a comparative matrix. This is an automated process that uses publicly available data from various subscription services. In its simplest form, FutureView™ Modeling then allows the client to compare his or her company to an “ideal” company of its type and size on key performance indicators. This process identifies any obvious performance issues, such as low profits per employee or slower than optimal growth.

Furthermore, it allows the user to examine options for achieving a desired outcome. After building a detailed model of the company’s financials and the interactions between functions, the model identifies constraint points that may be contributing to less than stellar outcomes. Senior level decision makers use FutureView™ Modeling to determine what to work on and identify the biggest constraints and the biggest opportunities, and the projected future costs and benefits of key decisions about the company’s strategic direction.

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