FUTUREVIEW™ Pattern Event Generator

FutureView™ Patterned Event Generator is technology that mines existing databases for discrete elements and combines these pieces into patterned events which unfold in the context of an even larger patterned event, (such as a market surge, weather event, technology change or political upheaval) to create a probable “future” that an individual or team may need to prepare for. These “futures” provide the rich context of our rehearsals.

The Patterned Event Generator is important for two reasons:


  1. Research shows that a critical contributor to the powerful impact of Rehearsals is rich and meaningful context. This would not be possible through manual means on a large scale. For example, the Event Generator can automatically create literally millions of future customer transactions such as mortgage applications likely with a specific kind of change in the marketplace in a few minutes with complete details. This would be very useful with a financial services rehearsal in a company anticipating a market change.
  2. Rehearsals only develop capability that transfers back to real life if the second rehearsal is slightly different and somewhat more challenging the second time. The Event Generator makes it easy to use the same major Patterned Event, but change the specific micro events that unfold within the pattern.


The Event Generator has been a critical tool for scaling rehearsals and developing versions powerful enough for actual strategy rehearsal as opposed to “training.”


The Patterned Event Generator has been used in all our rehearsals since our early history and has undergone years of refinement and upgrading over the years. It is built into all our virtual world versions. For our face-to-face rehearsals, we could export the data to the client’s actual technologies (such as their ERP system, or CRM system) to create “fake” data that could appear in their ordering systems or printed on their purchase orders.

Event Generator data exported to PO’s
Event Generator data exported to PO’s
Teams filling orders
Teams filling orders

When used with Virtual Worlds, an API connects the Patterned Event Generator to the world and to “smart” objects in the world, which communicate directly with the technologies used to track progress. The unfolding future of events is then more directly “real.” For example, in mining worlds, we have been able to create weather and seismic events as well as business transaction events such as buying and selling.

How does it work?

FutureView™ Patterned Event Generator is based loosely on Mathematical Pattern Theory, first identified by Ulf Grenander, which many mathematicians use to describe everything from bird migration patterns to cell growth. Our technology is much easier to use with a GUI interface that makes this powerful approach more accessible for creating powerful and rich worlds.

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