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November 2022

November 16-17, 2022


One of our key developers, David Tait, is in London with our partners at En-Sync, featuring FutureView at the Retrain Expo 2022.


Retain Expo 2022

October 2022

Another Product Built On The FutureView™ Platform

FutureView™ can help people with any complex issue. Journey™ is a product built on the FutureView™ Platform with all the advanced A.I. and propriety cognitive science built in.

Journey™ is designed to improve mental health and wellness by giving people a chance to practice things that they are finding difficult in Real life, getting real time feedback and increasing challenges. Available 24/7 it can be a way for those who are seeing a therapist to accelerate progress by working on specific goals between sessions.


September 2022


Our partners at MStreetX will be using FutureView to help their customers learn to use their powerful Fin-Tech platform for its full benefits.

See how this will work here: Academy page


September 9, 2022

We are pleased to be awarded a multi-year contract by the Office of Naval Research.

Award N68335-22-C-0650 will fund our continuing work using FutureView™ for Accelerating Acquisition Of Tactical Expertise In Ill Structured Combat Settings among military officers. Stay tuned for exciting updates.



tactical military use

August 2022

Mega Mining World

So excited to share a peek at our latest creation. This mega mining world will be used to develop cognitive flexibility among mining managers as they face uncertain futures in mining, both economically and operationally. Stay tuned for how things go with the first round.


Mega Mining world

July 2022

FutureView ™ Smart MMO Mega Worlds

Our abstract “FutureView ™ Smart MMO Mega Worlds for Solving “Wicked” Problems in Mining; a cost effective solution for accelerated results with ESG challenges” co-authored with Alexey Duarte, a thought leader in mining and the environment, has been accepted to the 26th World Mining Congress in Brisbane Australia.

Our ongoing project with Office of Naval Research, “Accelerating Acquisition Of Tactical Expertise In Ill Structured Combat Settings” which will enter Phase II this fall will be one of many show-cased at Dr. Ray Perez’s 2022 Cognitive Science of Learning Program Review to be hosted by Ms. Natalie Steinhauser September 13-14th. These review sessions are always very exciting, and we are looking forward to this event!

Let the games begin! With our partners at En-sync, we are deep in the development and testing of a new application of an Expert world that “pulls forward” mining managers to a new level of leadership through a series of fast unfolding challenges in a dynamic gamified mining environment. The core challenge is ESG excellence while retaining the mining asset’s value. Stay tuned for more on the results of testing with our first customers.


26th world mining congress

Our paper “'FutureView ™ Smart MMO Mega Worlds for Solving “Wicked” Problems. A cost-effective solution with accelerated results and high impact” has been accepted for the Annual Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference In Houston Texas, November 19-21 2022. See our list of publications for the abstract and list of authors

Our paper “Extending Cognition and Accelerating the Development of Expertise using The FutureView™ 3D Platform; An Example” has been accepted as paper for the 16th International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making October 25-27 2022 in Orlando Florida. See our list of publications for the abstract and list of authors

June 2022

June 4, 2022

ai for good

A recording of this panel is now available online: https://lnkd.in/e2rjwNwf

Several distinguished panel members including our Chief Science Officer, discuss the implications for the growing role of the Metaverse.


June 16, 2022

EDD logo

MStreetX, our partner in the FutureView Business MetaVerse, has exciting news!


Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham
Cabinet Secretary Alicia J. Keyes
Deputy Secretary Jon Clark

Online Tool Helps Businesses Connect with Funding

EDD launches new Business Finance Finder Tool

SANTA FE, N.M. – The New Mexico Economic Development Department (EDD) has launched an online platform to make it easier for business owners to connect with financial institutions that can fund their projects, Economic Development Cabinet Secretary Alicia J. Keyes announced today.

The online tool, called the Business Finance Finder, can be used by both business owners and financial organizations. Business owners who are seeking financing can upload basic information about a project to be matched with local lenders or other local financial organizations. They can also use the filter feature to search for lenders directly. Additionally, financial organizations can use the tool to find filtered projects and offer funding.

Searching for capital can be daunting and many small business owners do not know where to begin. The challenges can be even more pronounced for rural businesses, women-owned businesses, and businesses owned by socially and economically disadvantaged persons.

“In order to have a healthy ecosystem for our businesses to thrive, we need a level playing field to access capital. This tool can help make important connections so New Mexican business owners can focus on running and growing their businesses,” Secretary Keyes said.

EDD staff worked with MStreetX to develop the Business Finance Finder.


May 2022

MAY 26, 2022, (14:00 CET)

ai for good

Lia DiBello, our Chief Science Officer, will be speaking at this event which is part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Program. Look for a link to register soon.

Multi-stakeholder collaboration and emerging technologies such as AI will play an increasingly important role in enabling the Metaverse to achieve its vast potential. This webinar will explore how governments, industry and academia can work together to ensure that the Metaverse, supported by AI, can be used as a tool for achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to education, healthcare and inclusiveness.



May 10-11, 2022

LSX world college

Our CEO, Neil Sahota, will a keynote speaker at the LSX conference next week.

Stay tuned for the recording.

April 2022

April 26-28, 2022


tech west 2022

Our CEO, Neil Sahota, our Chief Science Officer, Lia DiBello and our Lead Developer, Mike Wright will all be speaking at Tech West 2022 on various topics. Register and hear how A.I. and advanced cognitive science can be a game changer in the Legal Profession. Events are next week April 26-28 2022.


April 25, 2022

Dr. Lia DiBello will be speaking at this virtual conference, with other leaders in the Naturalistic Decision Making field. It’s a good opportunity to learn what researchers in this area do. NDMA website.

Download the details here: NDMA Open House Brochure

April 14-16, 2022


April 14-16 2022. Neil Sahota, Our CEO, will be speaking about our FutureView Platform at World’s Flagship A.I. Event in Cannes France, Check out the events for the whole festival here! https://worldaicannes.com/

Neil Sahota's session can be viewed here. https://vimeo.com/701958750

March 2022

ACSI Labs has signed a contract with GoldRock Mining for FutureView to manage its portfolio of mines and refineries. Stay tuned in the coming months for details on this exciting new project and business model for mining.

January 2022

San Francisco Chronicle

how AI can be used for good

Neil Sahota, our CEO Gives his insight into the role of A.I. in this important article.



January 14, 2022

Military beach landing

ACSI Labs is very pleased to announce that we have been chosen by the Office of Naval Research to develop a Phase II proposal for the product we have been working on increase decision making agility among military personnel. We are very excited to be chosen and can’t thank our partners enough at Innovative Reasoning Inc. and Camp Pendleton for the help they have given us to make this work relevant, important and high quality. Stay tuned for the next chapter of this story!




We are especially excited about Brownfield (Re) Start Optimizer™, which has several opportunities starting soon. See what our partners are saying about this on LinkedIn.

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