March 2024: We have two papers accepted at the 2024 Naturalistic Decision-Making conference in Auckland New Zealand this year! Stay tuned for more on that. Here is the link to conference:
NDM Conference 2024

March 2024: We have reached an important milestone on our project with the Office of Naval Research. Thank you the team at the The Basic School in Quantico, our program officer Natalie Steinhauser, and all the hard work by the dev team.
ONR Demo v4:

February 2024: We have just completed a leadership pilot with a large Mining company with assets in several countries. The accelerated learning results were significant and we are now moving into our third year with this project. Here is a little peek at the magic behind the curtain.
Mining Demo:

Feb. 2024 - Our CEO, Neil Sahota, weighs in on the uses of the Metaverse and A.I. in mining.
Mining in the Metaverse - CIM Magazine:
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